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Take a breather, you’ve earned it!

treat day

We Know, as established already, that if your plan is to sit down with your feet up eating snacks and gaming all day everyday than chances are you’re not going to be getting them muscle gains, and most certainly, won’t be getting that boxing technique down to a t! Despite this, don’t feel that you’re never out of the game, you can treat yourself and not feel guilty about it as long as you put the work in to make up or it both before and after the treat and break. Your treat day can be anything! Whether it’s a night out with some pals up the town on the drinks, or a day in your room gaming with some fellas and a takeaway! If you know you’ve earned it than you don’t need to fret, you’ve got no guilt over treating yourself here and there. However, the one thing I will point out is the importance of not getting your rest day mixed up with your treat day. Rest day isn’t treat day! Treat day is once a month whereas rest day is maybe two times a week. The difference is that on your rest day, you can still maybe get up n walk around or do a brief cardio session just to stay on your toes, but you don’t sway from keeping up your eating habits and dieting so for example, I wouldn’t recommend going out and buying a massive takeaway. On your treat day you can do whatever you want, within reason, because at the end of the day, it’s a treat so come on old bean put your feet up today, you’ve earned it!


Homework: you can’t achieve everything in the gym!


boxing homework pic.jpgWhether you’re looking to take boxing seriously or just as a fitness hobby, it is important to take the work outside of the gym once your workouts finished! This is done in numerous forms, such as dieting, sleeping and mentality, fitness outside the gym and treating injuries. In this blog we will cover the simple, but important art of sleeping and mentality!

Now if you’re like me than you’re a night owl, a person who simple cannot sleep until its past 1/2 am. If you’re also like me… You hate that fact! Some people don’t get reap any problems with going to bed so early and getting up in 6 or 7 hours time but unfortunately not everyone can be the same. To make sure you get enough sleep and aren’t tired in the morning its important to ensure that you go to bed at a more reasonable time and don’t stay up once in bed. If you get enough sleep than you shouldn’t feel too tired or worn down when you wake up, given you wake up at a reasonable time, around 7-10 am. Not many people will put two and two together but by getting enough sleep you will positively influence your mentality and attitude towards working out, eating healthily and working hard towards your goals, whether they are financial, physical or academic! This is because if you’re getting up after a short night of bad quality sleep than you’re more likely to feel much less motivated to go to gym, will much rather stay in bed for longer and effectively waste more of the day, being much less productive. If you’re awake and refreshed after a long, great quality, nights sleep than you will be so much more likely to get up early, get things done and make sure you get as much productivity out of the day. Even if you manage to get down the gym while feeling fatigued, you’re not going to push yourself anywhere near your personal goals and much the session very productive at all and in terms of boxing or sparring, you will simply not have anywhere near enough energy to get in the ring and throw or take punches!

In essence, remember the importance of getting a good nights sleep ¬†as it’ll effect a lot more of the following day than you’d first think!