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Lets cut the small talk.

Lets cut the small talk.

Hey guys as you already know I’m Sam!

As the first blog post I thought it would only be fair to start with some information about me! I’m in my second year at Essex university and I’m part of the universities amateur boxing club. I took up the sport after being interested in giving it a shot last year and prior to it had never put on a pair of gloves, within 2 months there was potential showing. That’s how simple it is guys! two months hard work can be the difference between not knowing how to throw a proper punch and the coach, mine being an ex-England heavyweight champion, seeing potential! All it takes is the right mindset, training and drive to improve.

Before you’ve even got as far as putting the gloves on you have to think to yourself “is this the right sport for me?”, I won’t butter it up, if you want to take boxing seriously you will pay in blood and sweat and it most certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but if you love adrenaline, fighting and self-discipline than you’ve come to the right place! Training is gruelling and yes, I know I’m really selling this at the moment, but you will want to give up at some point in training but this is where you’ll see if you have the mindset needed, if you do, you will refuse to give up. As Lance Armstrong said “pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever”.