Get in the gym – Get them gains!


Now unless you’re very lucky, most people aren’t naturally massively built, I know i’m not at least. there’s only one way that you can change that and that’s by hitting the gym! its important to make sure you keep up a regular schedule you’ve got to bare that in mind, going once or twice here and there? Hmm… you won’t be reaping and rewards! Remember changes won’t happen overnight it takes time and dedication to carve the better you!

Over the next few blogs we’re going to cover the different muscle groups and how push them to the limit, and no, we’re not skipping leg day! How’re you going to stand up straight when you receive a swift right hook to the chin if you haven’t got two ripped tree trunks firmly rooted to the ground?!

Today we’re going to start with cardio, there’s no point having the power behind your punch if you can only maintain it for one round, you’ll be done for! With amateur boxing, for guys, you’ll have 3 3 minute rounds with  and 1 minute interval between rounds, with girls instead having 4 2 minute rounds, also with a 1 minute interval between rounds. Although the amount of rounds increases with semi-pro, and furthermore with the big dogs, the professionals.

The first thing you want to do when you get into the gym is stretch and warm up, trust me from first hand experience, you’l be in and out pretty sharpish if you don’t. Spend 4 to 5 minutes doing basic stretches and warm ups, for instance, jog on the spot and change to 10 seconds sprinting on the spot and repeat, as well as your basic floor stretches to ensure you wont get an injury. Now, I for one am not a particularly big fan of cardio in general, i prefer weight training, if your’e like me the best way to get into it is not to spend the whole time on one type of machine, for example, lets start with a jog on the running machine, every few minutes raising the speed by a few kph until your’e at a decently paced speed. maintain this for 15-20 minutes and as you improve, your speed and/ or time running should increase accordingly. What I recommend doing to ensure you’ve given it all you physically can is, once your’e ending the run, crank the speed up to as fast as you can run with the energy you’ve got left. You’ll feel like you’ve destroyed your legs but in the long run you’ll thank yourself! After this have a few minutes rest, it’s vital to ensure you can have as long a workout as possible. After this you could move onto something else like a cross trainer, cycling machine, rowing machine or step climber machine and follow a similar guild line for speed and time.

The last thing to mention is once you’ve completed your workout, I know you’ll be exhausted (if you’re not, have you worked hard enough?) and all you’ll want to do is run for the shower and fall to the floor, but don’t let this be your excuse for skipping your warm down stretches. These are just as important as warm up’s and you are just as likely to cause an injury by missing them out!


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